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  • What exactly is the Feast?

The Feast for the Soul is a 40-day period from January 15 to February 23 each year where people from all over the world commit to 40 minutes each day of personal practice. The personal practice may be any sort of spiritual or religious practice, from prayer to meditation to yoga or whatever suits the individual. The Feast offers free guided meditations from many different religious and spiritual paths for each of the 40 days to support personal practice so that individuals can sample a variety of options before choosing one that resonates with them.

  • Are the guided meditations live?

The Feast occasionally hosts live online meditation presentations. A few volunteer groups around the U.S. hold local meditations in their cities so that participants can meet together daily or weekly.

  • Do participants all meditate at the same time or can I do this on my own schedule?

Each participant chooses the time of day, number of minutes and location where they will do their personal practice. Many people try to meditate early in the morning, but there is no schedule to follow, so each person can accommodate their own daily routine and responsibilities.

  • How can I keep in touch with other feasters?

In 2013, the Feast started an online Meditation Coaching and Support group on Facebook, with over 550 members. Anyone can join this group and share stories or get help with their motivation or daily practices from experienced people in the group. We anticipate that this group will remain active year-round, since the Winter Feast meditations are available year-round and many people choose to continue using the recorded meditations throughout the year. We also send out periodic newsletters. If you subscribe, you will be kept up-to-date all year about our activities and special events.

  • What religion or spiritual path does the Feast represent?

Feast for the Soul is not affiliated with any specific doctrine, teaching, religion, spiritual path or congregation. We honor the truth present in all religions, paths and forms. Our archived meditations span many ancient and "New Age" traditions, as well as traditional religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism. We do not endorse any one teaching.

  • What is the source of your funding?

Feast for the Soul uses unpaid staff, and is supported exclusively by individual donors who make voluntary contributions. We are a 501(c)(3) sponsored organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. We are expanding our fundraising in 2013 to seek grants from funding organizations, and we welcome suggestions about individuals or organizations who might be interested to support our activities financially.

  • How much does it cost to participate/register for the Feast?

Feast for the Soul is a charitable organization, and there is no charge or fee to participate in Feast activities or to use the archives of recorded meditations. A fee may occasionally be charged for special events to recover out-of-pocket costs, but we maintain a free offering whenever possible. Our meditation guides/teachers also provide their instruction/meditations free of charge to Winter Feast. If you'd like to donate, you can do so here.

  • Is there a Feast in other languages besides English?

The Feast intends to expand even more into non-US countries by expanding our meditation offerings that are not in English. Currently we offer a limited number of adult and children’s meditations in Spanish, and in 2013 we added adult meditations in French and German. We welcome suggestions from or about meditation teachers who are fluent in languages other than English.

  • How can I keep my practices going after the Feast is over?

The recorded meditations for all of the Feast guides/teachers are available year round on SoundCloud. Whether you have a personal spiritual teacher or not, you may wish to access meditations you have not listened to throughout the rest of the year, or simply repeat a series you have already heard. Several of our most popular teachers have recorded multiple series of 40 meditations over the years, so there is a wealth of material for you to use all year.

  • Do you share your mailing list with other organizations?

We do not share our mailing list with or sell it to other organizations. We do partner with a few select organizations for the purpose of sharing information about our activities. We send our information to the other organizations for posting to their members, and they send their information to us for posting to our members.

  • Is the feast entirely virtual?

Feast for the Soul is a mix of live and virtual activities. In cities where local groups choose to gather, they may conduct opening and closing ceremonies, as well as daily or weekly meditations throughout the 40-day Feast. For people in other areas, normal interaction is over the Internet. We try to provide occasional live online presentations and interviews.

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