Building spiritual muscle through quiet time:

  • Begin by sitting quietly with your eyes closed for five minutes a day for the next week or two.
  • It is best to do this in the morning before you begin the day, and perhaps again in the evening just before going to sleep.
  • When you feel ready for more, increase your time to ten minutes each day.
  • Then increase your quiet time to twenty minutes a day and continue to do that till around November 1st.
  • Beginning around November 1st., increase your time to 30 minutes each day.
  • By December 1st you can go all the way to 40 minutes, your goal for the Winter Feast.

By the time that January 15 rolls around, you will have already given yourself a great gift. When thousands of people around the world join their intentions with yours for forty minutes each day, it will be easier for everyone who is involved to maintain their commitments. There is much to be said for the commitment that you will make in January and to each baby step you take to change the habits of your mind, as you get ready to make that commitment.

Written By: Valerie Skonie, Founder, Feast for the Soul

Valerie Skonie is a retired businesswoman and interdenominational meditation teacher living in Hailey Idaho. She directs the third annual Winter Feast from her home with the help of a small group of volunteers.