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Julie Reisler

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Deeper Self-Love, Worthiness & Inner Healing for Women

Julie’s guided mediations are designed to help you to reconnect to your divine essence, the higher self that is available to all of us. Whether it be rediscovering self-love, self-worth, or healing, these meditations will help you to connect to your heart and regain a sense of meaning and purpose. You will feel lighter, happier, more present, authentic and aware of your feelings and who you really are.

Julie Reisler is a speaker, teacher, author, and coach whose aim is to guide you through a process of remembering your inner divinity. She’s on the faculty at Georgetown University, has a Master’s Degree in Health & Wellness Coaching, and earned more than a dozen certifications in health, wellbeing, and mindfulness. Julie is dedicated to helping others master their inner and outer world and authentically shares her wisdom that came from her own struggles with body image, relationships, and feeling like she was “not enough.” Author of Get a PhD in YOU: a Course in Miraculous Self-Discovery, Julie is also in the short film, Hungry For More, in which she shares openly about her journey with emotional overeating. It’s now an online course designed to help others find a sense of fullness at the soul-ular level. Julie is also the host of the podcast, ‘The You-est You’, which aims to help people live into their truest, most authentic self. Her meditations can also be featured on the Insight Timer. She’s a Life Designer® and the founder and CEO of Empowered Living, a Life Design and personal development company, based in Washington, DC. Julie is a mama of two, step-mama of one, happily remarried, and in love with her very imperfect life. For more info on Julie, go to or email her at

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