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Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks

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Inspired by Martin Buber’s writing while procrastinating from piano practice at High School Jazz camp, Brian Yosef began a quest for finding the inner truths of Judaism, beyond dogmas and tradition. Finding that Truth ironically led him back to tradition. Brian Yosef currently serves as Spiritual leader, teacher and music director at Chochmat HaLev synagogue in Berkeley, California. He lives in Oakland with wife Lisa and two children, to whom he owes constant gratitude for keeping him far from cheap, egocentric substitutes for G-d.

He holds a Bachelor in Music from Eastman and received smikha (ordination) from Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi as Minister of Sacred Music and as Teacher of Jewish Meditation from Chochmat HaLev. His band Captain Zohar plays original Jewish devotional and concert music. His teaching, called Torah of Awakening, promotes Jewish practice as a catalyst for inner liberation and transformation.

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