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Don Kollmar

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Don has been a personal growth trainer and workshop leader for over 40 years. He has led workshops, intensives and training throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Don has been exploring spirituality and wholeness since 1971. He traveled and studied extensively in the beginning of his journey in search of a deeper commune with Spirit/God. As a result of his studies in Eastern and Western meditation practices as well as his study of natural healing, Don became more focused on what he experienced as a missing emphasis in most spiritual and healing disciplines. The process of Complete Self-Attunement evolved from offering a format for the individual to connect with this missing emphasis. More information: here and at

In this series of meditations, the focus is on the experiential faculties of awareness that function free from the mind, intellect, or ego. The series of progressive meditations will support becoming deeply embodied, a process whereby one connects with the 7th sense what Don calls the universal language of wholeness.

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