Author of The Contemplative Heart: A Path To Self-Mastery, Ravi Walsh is a Co-Founder of The HeartPath Institute of Spiritual Direction and Reiki Master Training. Ravi resides and practices in Ithaca, New York. He received his degree in Psychology from Towson University, and after working in a private psychiatric hospital for seven years, he felt disillusioned with conventional methods of understanding and treating the mind, with little or no attention spent on exploring the Heart. This led him to pursue certification as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Shamballa Reiki Master. In 1987, he began a formal practice in Kundalini meditation and contemplation.

With thirty years of intensive study and practice in the ancient teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta, he guides people to center their awareness in the changeless experience of pure consciousnesses or The Heart. When the mind touches this pristine magnificence, we recognize our Heart’s intent magically unfolding into our lives. Through the HeartPath tools of Meditation, Symbolic Tracking, Inquiry and HeartPath Reiki we learn to hold our awareness on the Heart’s intent and awaken from the nightmare of suffering into the dream of unconditional devotion, love, and joy. Find out more about Ravi here. 

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