Sue Cooper is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and recently retired Registered Nurse with over four decades of nursing in clinical care, healthcare management, and education. She has spent the past 10 years exploring  natural healing modalities from indigenous cultures around the world, their applications to modern day self care, and the fusion with scientific research from healthcare, also known as integrative care.

Based in Nottingham in the UK, Sue is a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor from the Chopra Centre for Well-being under the direction of Deepak Chopra. She also completed a one-year voluntary position as Health and Wellbeing Ambassador to the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Dr Jas Bilkhu, where the focus was on conversations, collaborations and connections around ‘Co-creating Integrative Care Communities’.

Sue is the founder of Self Care World, where she is developing a framework that integrates self care and healthcare through natural practices, healing arts, and the sciences and is honored to be sharing guided meditations with the Feast for the Soul.

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