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Casey Bledsoe

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Greetings, My name is Casey Bledsoe. I am a spiritual guide, teacher, mentor, and minister on the path of universal mysticism. My approach to meditation is simple, heartfelt, and accessible for new meditators. It’s also subtle enough to allow for real deepening for experienced meditators.

For the last 21 years I have studied intensively with profound teachers of the inner way, and am thankful to count among them the Christian hermit Kelly Nemeck, renowned yogi Swami Sunderanand in India, and Senior Sufi Teacher and interfaith peacemaker Shahabuddin David Less.

I have a Master’s degree in counseling, certification in Systemic Constellation work, and a deep joy in working with kindred hearts to enliven what makes us all most happy, naturally radiant, and free.

As the natural qualities which reside within our essential being unfold with our practice –peace, compassion, wisdom, and harmony–we automatically help others to unfold the same. It is one of my greatest passions to assist in this individual, global, and collective transformation.

I lead classes and retreats around the US and Europe, and host a monthly global meditation practice called The Emerging Heart of Humanity. You can learn more at

Many blessings on your path.

The Power of Breath: Nourishing Ourselves, Our World

In this series, we will experience the rich resource of growth, healing, nourishment and awakening that is always available through the breath. This is not a set of physical breathing techniques, but rather an orientation to the spiritual power of breath. We will delve into the far-reaching impact of working consciously with breath and discover how we can embrace this as a vehicle for harmonizing ourselves and our world. When understood in this way, we experience that breath itself is the foundation for genuine spiritual activism.

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