Meditation has been instrumental for my overcoming of several major life and health challenges. There is no greater joy for me than to help you discover the power that a regular mindfulness and meditation practice can have on your health and happiness. The title of my series for the Feast is  Nurturing the Body: Mindfulness and Meditation for Physical Healing.

Pauline Lucas is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board certified in Women’s Health, with over 30 years of experience in the wellness and healthcare industry. Pauline works as an Integrative Physical Therapist at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, teaches Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine at Mayo Clinic Alix Medical School, facilitates meditation classes to Mayo Clinic employees and patients, and is a sought after presenter for local, regional, and national medical conferences on topics related to mindfulness, women’s health, and Integrative Medicine.

In her late 20s, Pauline packed her suitcase and left her hometown in the Netherlands for a “year of adventure” in the United States. Loving the excitement of living in a new country and the freedom it gave her to embark on a journey of spiritual growth (although not aware of that at the time) the year turned into many more. She married and had 2 children when a breast cancer diagnosis and the dissolution of her marriage, shortly after the birth of her second child turned her life upside down. After the initial shock of these devastating life changes wore off, she gradually decided to accept the challenges as an invitation to completely transform her life-again.

She embarked on an intensive course of holistic self-healing, determined to regain her health and to come out of this journey, stronger and healthier than before. She also vowed to teach all she would learn from her studies and own experiences. During this time she connected with an inner wisdom, resolve and strength she never knew she had. Pauline credits her daily practice of meditation and yoga for her ability to stay calm and actually thrive during this difficult period in her life.

Pauline gradually came to realize that her mission in life is to educate, inspire, encourage, and support others on their health and healing journeys. She pursued various certifications in fields like yoga therapy (Professional Yoga Therapy Institute), mindfulness and meditation (McLean Meditation Academy), and health and wellness coaching (Mayo Clinic and Integrative Women’s Health Institute). Today she is dedicated to teach all she has learned and continues to learn from her own healing quest. She considers herself a “bridge builder” and it gives her great satisfaction to share her medical knowledge and expertise with the holistic community and her understanding and experience of yoga and meditation with the medical world.

Besides her work at Mayo Clinic, she teaches yoga and meditation to individuals, groups, and businesses in the community and provides Lifestyle Coaching via telephone or Zoom.

Pauline is grateful for the many mentors and teachers on her path, many of whom she has never met in person but who have touched her and helped shape her understanding of health and healing through their writings and lectures. She credits her main meditation teacher Sarah McLean for being a role model and a continuous inspiration on her personal meditation journey.



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