Photo of Rabbi Eva RobbinsEva Robbins is a rabbi, cantor, artist, Reiki practitioner, and author. She sees herself as a late-bloomer who has discovered skills and passions as she’s surrendered to her alchemic process. As a child of Holocaust survivors and a caregiver to her husband who has both chronic and acute medical challenges, she has waded through the darkness but always found light and expansion.

Her greatest joy is supporting others to continue their own spiritual journeys and find a path to elevate their lives. “Whether through music, prayer, study, yoga, meditation, or celebration of Holy Days, we can each find our doorway to wellness, healing, and expansion.” Eva resides in Los Angeles with her beloved partner Rabbi Steve Robbins, is the mother of Rachael, Jesse, and Naomi, and the grandmother to Ethan.

Eva’s Series for the Feast for the Soul encompasses Judaism, the Torah, and their mystical elements. Stay tuned!

Watch the introduction to her series here on You Tube.

Rabbi Eva recently published her first book, Spiritual Surgery, A Journey of Healing Mind, Body and Spirit, based on her rabbinic thesis about the Mishkan, the traveling sanctuary in Torah and its spiritual purpose. She hopes to have her inspirational memoir published in 2019. She has now found a new voice, the writer, hoping to help open the pathway for others to creative, openhearted, and spiritual expression as a pathway to healing, loss, and suffering. As a daughter of Holocaust survivors, pain and suffering have been an integral part of her DNA, yet she continues to grow and thrive, expanding and opening new doorways for self-expression.

Eva shares, “We need to find opportunity and possibility in challenge and difficulty; Judaism, Torah and spiritual practice can connect us to our inner core, the potential for undiscovered talents and the Divine presence.”

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