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Rabbi Melinda Bracha

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Illuminate Your Soul with Loving Grace

These meditations are designed with everyday spirituality and the sacred space of kabbalah in mind. Experience a “sacred fountain of blessings” that unfold through breath, sound, movement, ritual, ceremony, and prayer. You’ll find a gentle centering of the mind, nourishing of the heart, genuine care of the body, and bask in the ultimate bliss of loving yourself.

Melinda is a spiritual guide, an ordained rabbi, a kundalini yoga teacher, a dance teacher, and a life coach. She’s spoken on the international stage about love and relationships she’s also supported couples in premarital counseling and helped many people through the trying times of mourning and grieving. Drawing from her personal experience of navigating a path from a soul-awakening struggle to a soul-satisfying triumph, Melinda is devotedly passionate about supporting others in cultivating their highest spiritual force energy. She draws from the sacred and holy to illuminate the path to spiritual healing. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Melinda is a proud mother and grandmother.www.melindabernstein.com

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