David Less, also known as Shahabuddhin, has been a teacher of meditation for more than 45 years. He travels extensively and continually, teaching meditation, peacebuilding, inter-spiritual harmony and inner practice. David applies the fruits of his personal meditation practice toward peace work in the Holy Land and directing Rising Tide International, a spiritual center in Florida dedicated to the transformation of consciousness.

His artful teaching of meditation is appreciated by the many who attend his seminars, retreats, and intensives. David’ generosity and joyful spirit inspire seekers all over the world. David works as a peacemaker in the Holy Land with other peacemakers. Find out about him and his latest book Universal Meditations here.

Universal Meditation is a means of connecting to the source of all energy that allows us to quiet the chattering of the mind and bring a more peaceful condition to our personality. These meditations use visualization, sound, and self-inquiry to bring about a natural state of mental and emotional relaxation. When this relaxation occurs, an awakening of the deeper aspect of human consciousness naturally emerges. This deeper aspect has many names, but only one primary vibration known as love, harmony, and beauty. It can transform our being from a limited to an unlimited condition.

These meditations are designed for meditators of all levels of experience. All his meditations are timeless.

His 2019 Series is called The Art of Quieting the Mind.

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